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Gill Gross

Azure Bastion Service

Azure Bastion- In a nutshell it’s a jump box as service. Azure Bastion however is sightly different and way more secure.

by Gill Gross | Published on
Gill Gross

Meet Azure Data Share

Microsoft just announced Azure Data Share preview, but what exactly is it? Check it out here...

by Gill Gross | Published on
Gill Gross

Azure Introduces New Virtual WAN & Firewall - Part 1

Microsoft just announced at her 'Inspire' conference some new amazing network/security related features. In this post I’ll focus on the new Virtual WAN.

by Gill Gross | Published on
Pavel Rozenberg

A simple script that helps in locating password sync events for a user in Azure AD Connect

This time Pavel wish to share with us a useful script that helps determine when was the last time that a user’s password was synchronized to Azure AD.

by Pavel Rozenberg | Published on
Pavel Rozenberg

Securing your Email traffic and avoid spoofing and/or phishing with EOP

In his article Pavel shares with us ways and tips to avoid Email spoofing and phishing by maximizing the Office 365 EOP service.

by Pavel Rozenberg | Published on
Maor Bracha

Office365: How to properly restore Archive-Data and disable an Archive-Mailbox

In His article Maor describes the steps required to properly disable an archive mailbox while maintaining related data.

by Maor Bracha | Published on
Eran Kraus

From now on don't say Lync, say Skype for Business!

Eran Kraus presents the latest changes and capabilities of Skype for Business - Microsoft's most updated UM platform.

by Eran Kraus | Published on
Igor Bekerman

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

In this article, Igor will cover the basic principles for understanding Microsoft's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

by Igor Bekerman | Published on
Mano Dory

Deploying Office Click 2 Run

In this article, Mano will go over the process required to deploy Microsoft Office as a Click 2 Run Package for Office 365 customers.

by Mano Dory | Published on
Ido Katz

Microsoft Azure: How to migrate your old subscription to a brand new subscription

In this article, Ido will walk us through the steps required to migrate the data from one Azure subscription to the another.

by Ido Katz | Published on
Ronen Gabbay

Tip: Manage Outlook Auto Mapping with Full Mailbox Access

A tip from Ronen Gabbay on how to manage Outlook's Auto Mapping with Full Mailbox Access feature

by Ronen Gabbay | Published on
Elad Hayun

Multi-Factor Authentication

In this article, Elad Hayun explains what is Multi-Factor Authentication and why it is preferred over traditional name-and-password authentication.

by Elad Hayun | Published on
Elad Hayun

XtraBanner Tip: Roles and Permissions

As the network administrator of an Enterprise organization, you can delegate all the administration and management of XtraBanner, to people you trust.

by Elad Hayun | Published on
Avihai Hajaj

Monitoring SCOM Agents in Workgroups or DMZ Environments - Part 1

In this article, I explain how SCOM can monitor agents outside of the Active Directory forest, in Workgroups or in DMZ environments.

by Avihai Hajaj | Published on
Ilan Lanz

Running Virtual Machines? Keep Your Clocks Synchronized!

Using VMs is IT reality nowadays. Hyper-V, VMware, XEN or whatever virtualization platform you're using - keeping clocks in sync is underestimated.

by Ilan Lanz | Published on
Elad Hayun

SCCM: Configuring and Using Discovery Attributes

In this article I will show you how to configure additional attributes and use them to create better and more accurate query based collections in SCCM.

by Elad Hayun | Published on
Orena Chapo

Office 365 Recipient Administration

In this article, I summarize the different deployment options for Office 365 and what options and tools are available for the administration of each scenario.

by Orena Chapo | Published on
Elad Hayun

XtraBanner Tip: Campaign Rotation

This short article shows how to configure multiple campaigns with rotation in a single XtraBanner rule. Rotation is useful in A/B testing scenarios.

by Elad Hayun | Published on