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אמרה ישנה טוענת: ״מה שאתה לא יודע לא יכול להזיק לך״. בעולם המחשוב המודרני, עתיר הסיכונים ותקיפות הסייבר, האמרה הזו מעולם לא הייתה שגויה יותר.


Now to be honest configuring each of these services separately is a bit of a pain and also requires onboarding of each VM to each service.


The newly announced service (currently in preview) allows developers access to not only SMS messaging but also to Voice and Video calling..


Up until now if you wanted to keep your VM’s up to date (or in other words – PATCHED) you had the option of using Azure Update Manager.


A new, fairly, exciting feature that was announced at Inspire this month was Shared disks in Azure. In a nutshell this allows you to attach..


The new Azure security Asset inventory allows you to view all resources being monitored within security center. So now rather than just seeing ..


Since the Covid-19 outbreak there has been increased use of both Office 365 services (prticullary temas) and ofcourse cusotmer use of Azure.

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