Digital Adoption

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What we do?

We know how to lead a digital implementation of Office 365 services to improve organizational teams’ productivity, to achieve solid results that last over time.

How do we do it?

Who are our customers?


Israeli and international organizations


Academic institutions


NGOs & Associations

In the past year, we advised and trained thousands organizations in Israel and abroad – with thousands of users!

Our Offering:

Digital Adoption Pack

Consulting and training for Microsoft 365 implementation

Cybersecurity Awareness

Cyber threats awareness workshop for end-users

Many organizations, that purchase Office 365 services for their employees, are facing 2 main challenges:

1. Endless Implementation processes and difficulties in reaching the full potential of the service.

2. Employees do not know how to take full advantage of the Office 365 tools.

UBTECH has adjusted itself to the “New Normal”- time is urging organizations to quickly adopt cloud technologies, we help them do it right and securely.

אייקון מחשב

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Help your employees become more productive and protected from cyber threats,

with our help!

“The workshop increased the employees’ awareness of cyber threats and introduced them to important topics, in an interactively and experientially way. Employees expressed satisfaction with the learning process and the feedback was excellent. Great experience!”

Roy Gothard, IT Manager, Ami Technologies