Get more, get Xtra with XTRABANNER

Boost your business marketing with designed banners, promotional texts and branded signatures!

Every day, hundreds of emails are being sent from your business to external recipients.
With XTRABANNER email enrichment platform, you can leverage this daily correspondence with designed banners, promotional texts and branded signatures.

Why your business needs an email enrichment platform?

  1. Your email is your business card. Unified corporate signature indicates business stability and a strong corporate identity.
  2. You invest so many resources in branding and campaigns and the most important communication channel with your customers is right under your nose.
  3. In a small investment you can create beautiful campaigns and generate quality leads.
  4. Your mail can serve your business goals, help you deliver messages and even protect you legally when necessary.

Why choose XTRABANNER?

  • Rule-based engine allows you to target your campaigns by specific conditions and exceptions.
  • With XTRABANNER you can make sure your message will not find its way to the Junk mailbox or be classified as spam.
  • User friendly editor allows any combination of textual and graphical campaigns in 8 different locations.
  • Track your campaigns performance with a built-in google analytics support and a built-in A/B testing engine.
  • Exchange friendly – ensures continuous activity of your mail servers, without delays and with minimum usage of resources.
  • Distributed architecture – designed to enhance performance, scalability and manageability.
  • Can be installed as a Cloud service (SaaS) in a secured, accessible and survival environment.
  • Hybrid configuration supported.
  • Completely Transparent – the relevant campaign will be added only on the server.
  • Cross-Device and Cross-Platform – Full HTML signatures and campaigns on all devices, including mobiles, and for any email client. Images are embedded in the email content.
  • Configurable Data-source – integration with Active Directory\Office 365\MSSQL for recipients and distribution groups selection.
  • Highest standards of information security and privacy.

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