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XtraBanner Email Enrichment Box


U-BTech's XtraBanner Email Enrichment platform enhances your day to day email correspondence with graphical banners, commercialized texts and disclaimers.
Every day, tens, hundreds or even thousands of email messages are being sent from your organization by regular users, just like you and I. These email messages are being read by other employees, your clients and maybe even some of your suppliers and service providers. These banners can be used as marketing campaigns linking the recipient directly to your website or products.
Recipients can opt-out from receiving enriched mails by clicking a "do not enrich" link.

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FreePass Box


Easy and secure way for password management.

FreePass management portal by U-BTech Solutions allows the organization to provide a friendly interface to the end users, enabling them change and reset their password.

The product supports dealing with password change requests as well as password reset requests.

In the case of a request for change, the user is authenticated using Active Directory.

In the case of a reset request, the system sends an OTP ( One Time Password ) with configurable lifetime.

The system can monitor all actions in fully documented and detailed logs, which can then be submitted as a report by e-mail.

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Password Expiration Notifier Box

Password Expiration Notifier

By forcing users to change their passwords from time to time, password expiration helps IT admins ensure the safety of passwords to a great extent.
But remote users like OWA and VPN users have no way of knowing when their Active Directory passwords will expire, as Windows will only let users who are directly connected to the corporate network know about their password expiry.
Users with expired passwords will result in an increased number of help desk calls, productivity losses and frustration for everyone involved.
So how do you avoid help desk calls related to password expiry?

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ContactSync Box


Easy and reliable tool for synchronization of users from active directory or from a CSV file into contacts.

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OneSign Box


Have you ever wanted your organization's Microsoft Outlook signature to follow a standard design and pattern? You've probably found this is a very challenging task, to say the least. Setting an organization-wide signature design is no easy deal, especially when you want to include your user's personal details in the signature. U-BTech Solutions has the perfect solution for you: a single page portal that can be custom designed for your needs and requirements and integrated easily into your existing intranet environment. Don't have an intranet environment yet? All you need is a server machine running any web server application capable of supporting HTML web pages with integrated code (Microsoft IIS, for example, will do just fine and if you own a Windows Server license, it's already included!)

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