Easy and reliable tool for synchronization of users from active directory or from a CSV file into contacts.

ContactSync tool is a simple, easy to use, rich UI featured, that simplifies and eases the process of creating and managing contacts - single as well as in bulk.

ContactSync with its bulk contacts creation feature allows administrator to create mass standard contacts and mail enabled contacts by importing them from Active Directory or from a CSV file.

This process eliminates the time taking process of creating individual contacts and using command tools, thereby making Active Directory contact management simpler, trouble-free and flexible.


  • A background windows service, that constantly checks and syncs users, according to configured policies, into exchange contacts.
  • The service will automatically detect changes, and based on the LDAP queries and configuration, it will export those objects into an exchange contacts, so those will be available in every exchange connected account.
  • The less work you have to perform on these installations, the more productive you can be. You can also shift your attention to more important matters.
  • Support multiple Syncronization policies.

  • Fully Customizable.


CONTACTSYNC : Main Features

Feature ContactSync 500 Mailboxes 1000 Mailboxes Unlimited Mailboxes
Synchronize users from active directory or from a CSV file into contacts
Supports 64 bit platforms
Can run bulk operations on multiple objects with only a few clicks
Simple, client-side-only installation (no modifications to Active Directory required)
Usage limits 30 days trial 500 User Mailboxes 1000 User Mailboxes Unlimited
Licensing Free!
500 Mailboxes
1000 Mailboxes
Unlimited Mailboxes
Installation Package Latest version: 1.3.1712.2500 (released )
Download Now!
Download size: 6,815,744 bytes (6.50 MB)

All license fees are annual

Prices are for a single user usage, Volume discount prices are available.

All editions share the same installation file. The active edition is set by the purchased license key.



The Standard Edition is licensed on a per mailbox basis in your Exchange organization:


Installation Prerequisites:

  • Windows 7 or higher O/S (x64)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher
  • In order to sync from Active Directory, The logged-in user must have access to Active Directory.

Downloading and Installing:

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