ESIEMail Protector

ESIEMail Protector

ESIEMail Protector is a software product dedicated to one goal: Securing your email communications. Encryption, Digital Signature and IRM Permissions.

Email communications has become a big part of our daily lives. We use emails to keep in touch with each other, make online purchases, collaborate with our work colleagues, receive updates for our bank accounts and bills and a lot more. But with all its great benefits emails have a huge downside - They are completely insecure. Emails are always sent in clear-text form meaning they can be read by anyone with the appropriate knowledge, can be spoofed easily so you can't really be sure the email you just got is from whom it claims to be and last but not least: Once an email message has been sent you completely lose control over it and its contents.

ESIEMail Protector (pronounced EASY Mail Protector) is a product dedicated to one goal: "Securing your email communications". By using ESIEMail Protector you can use Encryption, Digital Signature and IRM Permissions (Information Rights Management) to secure your messaging environment, hence the name.
Encrypted collaboration using the highest standards of S/MIME technology,
Signed Digitally meaning all the email messages you receive are verified for sender identification and IRM enabled messaging so you can still have control over the messages you send, even after they arrive at their destination.
Using the product is as ESIE as using Microsoft Outlook itself and requires little if any changes to your current work habits.

ESIEMail Protector uses the S/MIME (Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) standard which was originally developed by RSA Data Security Inc. to encrypt and sign your emails.

As currently, from 30th of September 2009, ESIEMail Protector has been de-commissioned as a free-service from U-BTech.

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