Password Expiration Notifier

Password Expiration Notifier

Enables IT admins ensure the safety of passwords to a great extent. The password reminder tool can be used to send reminders about password expiry to users.

Notify users before their password expires

The password expiration notifier can be used to send reminders about password expiry to users via email. You can configure the tool to send multiple notifications in a phased manner to ensure that users see the alert and take necessary action before their password expires. Reminders can be sent to all the users in a domain or to a particular group of users, thanks to the configuration capabilities of the feature.

It works nicely for users who don't log on interactively and never receive standard password change reminders at logon time (e.g., VPN users).


  • Automatically alert users via Email : Configure it once and forget about it. Password reminders will be sent automatically to users via email notifications at intervals specified by you.
  • Phased Email Notification: Make the reminders hard to ignore by configuring them to be sent at regular intervals. Maybe, you can even configure a less nagging notification interval for managers and higher officials, and a more frequent one for entry level employees.
  • XML Configuration based policies: Formulate different policies for different set of users. XML Configuration based filtering capabilities will give you greater control over how and to whom the password expiry notifications are sent.
  • Completely customizable Email Messages: The email messages can be customized. You can edit the content to include instructions, images and more.
  • Less Help Desk Calls: Sends reminders to users who’s passwords are about to expire.

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Password Expiration Notifier FAQ


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