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Email enrichment is an Email marketing solution for any mail server. Add banners, disclaimers and branded email signatures to your organization's outgoing mail


Every day, hundreds and thousands of e-mails are being sent out of your business. These messages reach your customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and others. With XTRABANNER, you can use these messages as a rich branded email marketing platform, including designed banners, Repeated texts and branded unified corporate email signatures. These elements can also be linked to your business's running campaigns, by adding a link leading to a landing page, your business page in social networks and more.

XTRABANNER allows the system administrator to define a unified email signature pattern, or several ones, including placeholders for fields that contain the end user's personal information. The personal information can be imported automatically from the enterprise Active Directory, Office 365 or any other supported data source, and fit the general pre-defined signature design. The signature can also include images, that are defined as part of the message Body, which makes it available and supported by all major mail servers, such as Outlook, Gmail, BlackBerry and etc. In addition, the email signature is not recognized by them as spam.


XTRA for the Marketing Manager! Why your business needs an Email Enrichment system?

  • your email is your business card - the face of your business. No more attempts to design amateur Lack of uniformity email signatures by your employees. Unified corporate signature symbolizes business stability and strength, and contributes to the organization corporate identity.

  • You invest so many resources in branding and campaigns, but the most important communication channel with your customers is right under your nose.

  • Because you can create awareness to your brand/product/service in the minds of hundreds of your email recipients.

  • In a small investment, compared to other email marketing platforms, you can create campaigns and generate quality leads, visitors to your website/business page or draw clients to your branches.

  • Your mail can serve your business goals, help you deliver messages and even protect you legally when necessary.

Why choose XTRABANNER?

The product was conceived out of our customers’ need for a reliable and stable solution that enhances the mailing infrastructure in the organization, without causing damage and over-burden it or the so important outgoing email traffic. U-BTech is veteran in Microsoft infrastructure and IT services as well as in product development. That is why it was very important to us to develop a product that is as Exchange friendly as possible.

We always push ourselves to work only with the latest technologies and to be in the front line of IT knowledge - XTRABANNER is no different. It’s supported on the latest Exchange 2007/2010/2013 servers as well as versions that will be released in the future. The product prides itself on being the most reliable and stable while offering the best performance available – your users won’t even notice any performance difference.

In addition, we consider our customers' feedbacks, so that each email marketing system version we have released so far included features and capabilities following the requests of our customers, who have tested our previous versions.
XTRABANNER provides a comprehensive solution to the need of enriching the business emails, updated with improvements and new features fluently. The email marketing system is easy to install and does not require special expertise or knowledge.

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On Premise

XtraBanner On Premise

Use your existing Microsoft Exchange 2013 / 2010 / 2007 messaging infrastructure. No changes are required to your mail flow topology and no dedicated servers are required. Suitable for large-scale enterprises with multiple distributed mail servers, as well as small, single-server organizations.

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Cloud Service

XtraBanner Cloud Service

Enrich e-mails sent from any cloud e-mail service or any e-mail server, using a robust, cloud-based enrichment service. Monthly and yearly subscription plans are available for your choice. Support for Microsoft Office 365 is built-in.

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XtraBanner Hybrid Solution

Enrich your organization's e-mails, both on premise and in the cloud, using a single, robust, central configuration. Monthly and yearly subscription plans are available for your choice.

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XTRABANNER's Main Features

  Support for Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 server infrastructure.

  Distributed architecture built specifically to take full advantage of the load balancing and availability features of Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013.

  Flexible rule-based engine allows targeting using conditions and exceptions by any combination of: senders, recipients or subject keywords.

  User-friendly and Multi choices email signature Template editor.

  Flexible campaign editor allows any combination of textual and graphical banners in 8 different locations inside the e-mail message.

  Rich user experience for campaign management, supported on all Windows O/S from Windows XP to Windows 8 (both 32/64 bit versions).

  Campaign rotation according to user-defined weight values. 

  Enrichment format compatible with a wide variety of e-mail clients: Gmail, Outlook 2003-2013, Outlook Web Access, Yahoo, Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail),
     iPhones, Blackberries and Windows Phones.

  Inline, embedded banner attachments for safe message classification.

  Integration with Google Analytics for advanced campaign click statistics and analysis. 

  Recipients can opt-out from receiving enriched mails by clicking a "do not enrich" link (requires version 3.0 or higher).

  E-mail enrichment for external and internal correspondence.

  Use your existing organization messaging infrastructure - no dedicated servers or intermediaries required.

  Integration with Active Directory for recipients and distribution groups selection.

  Integration with Microsoft Online Services Office 365 for recipients selection (requires version 3.0 or higher).

 Support for other (non-Exchange) on-premise messaging infrastructure.

 Support for cloud-based messaging infrastructure, including Office 365, Exchange Online and Google Apps.



XTRABANNER's Architecture

XtraBanner on-premises deployment example

XTRABANNER’s Email enrichment platform is built upon Exchange server technology and requires at least one Exchange 2007/2010/2013 Hub Transport server to be installed in the organization (in Exchange Server 2013, the Hub Transport is integrated into the Mailbox role). To completely mitigate the risk of a single point of failure, the product supports multiple Exchange HUB servers for redundancy, reliability and stability. All your email correspondence stays private and does not go through any proprietary servers, inside or outside of your organization.

The system consists of three main components:

  1. The Transport Agent: Installed on your Exchange HUB transport servers, or an Exchange mail relay server.
  2. The Configuration Point: Installed on a supported Windows server and stores statistics, configured campaigns and rules.
  3. The Management Console: Installed on any supported 64bit/32bit Windows client O/S. A simple, easy to use user interface that allows for full rule and campaign management.


XTRABANNER Cloud Service

XtraBanner cloud deployment example

To provide e-mail enrichment services to organizations using a cloud-based or non-Exchange e-mail infrastructure, We built the XTRABANNER Cloud Service.

The XTRABANNER Cloud Service uses the very same XTRABANNER product, deployed in a robust, cloud-hosted (SaaS) service, taking advantage of advanced failover and load balancing cloud solutions.

To use the XTRABANNER Cloud Service, all that's required is for you to configure your cloud mail service or on-premise servers to relay outgoing e-mails through our relay servers. The relay servers apply the rules and campaigns you configured, using the Management Console (MMC) installed on one or more PCs.

To use the XTRABANNER Cloud Service, you must subscribe to one of our monthly or yearly subscription plans.


XTRABANNER Hybrid and Advanced Deployments

The XTRABANNER product and the XTRABANNER Cloud Service is a modular email marketing platform, that fits any email architecture out there, including Hybrid cloud/on-premise deployment, Edge deployment and Hosted deployment. To learn more about common XTRABANNER deployment scenarios, please download the following PowerPoint Presentation (also available as an Online Video Presentation).

XTRABANNER also supports hosted deployments, targeted at hosting service providers. In a hosted deployment, every customer has their own isolated configuration, in an infrastructure shared among multiple customers. Hosting XTRABANNER requires a special "multi-site" license. If you are a service provider, interested in providing e-mail enrichment services to your customers, please contact us for details.


We Believe in Our Products!

U-BTech’s XTRABANNER e-mail enrichment platform is installed on our own Exchange servers and is being used daily to enhance all outgoing company mail.


Success Stories

XtraBanner at John Bryce Hi-Tech College

I have no doubt in my mind that we made the right choice. We got a much better solution accompanied with great service and support...

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Inon Shviro, VP Marketing, Alliances and Information Systems at John Bryce Hi-Tech College

XtraBanner at Municipality of Bat-Yam

The decision was not hard to make: We chose U-BTech's XtraBanner.

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Moti Leist, CIO at Municipality of Bat-Yam

XtraBanner at Visa ICC

We installed the product on 5 servers for high availability and it works great!

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Igor Gutman, System Engineer at Israel Credit Cards Ltd.


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