Cloud Services

We offer a full range of Microsoft Azure cloud services, including:

Azure Onboarding, Data Center Migration, Hybrid Solutions, Backup & DR, Automation, Cost Optimization, App Modernization, SAP on Azure, DevOps and more.


UBTECH is Certified as a

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

We are proud to be one of 70 global partners who have this certification,
and we are thrilled to be a member of this elite club.

Azure MSP Experts are partners who stand up to the strictest
compliance levels, not only at technical levels but also at operation and sales levels. To cut to the chase this requires us having over 20 certified Azure experts, documented procedures for everything and anything you
can imagine and in place systems to help support our customer such as our Cloud Customers Portal.

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Our Range of Services

End to End Azure

Architecting, Consulting & Deployment
  • Our team will help you with your first steps to the cloud.
  • From initial design of your cloud to solution to deploying and monitoring, we’ve got you covered.
  • Our Architects will make sure your using the cloud to its full capabilities while keeping costs to a minimum.
  • Our Consultant, Devops and Support team will make sure you keep ticking 24/7.

IT solutions

Lift and shift, hybrid data center, backup & DR
  • Want to shift your workload to the cloud or just start with a DR site in the cloud?
  • We’ll help plan, deploy and failover your workload with minimum disruption to your services.
  • Need a DR site? no worries, we’ll help you design the solution, implement remote access, test and be there when you need it in real time.

Cloud Native Solutions

  • Here at UBTECH we fully believe in Cloud Native Solutions. Currently using an on-prem VM based solution?
  • Already in the cloud but still using virtual machines?
  • Let our team help modernize your app by moving to cloud native solutions.
  • Your app will be more agile, more resilient & more secure allowing you to sleep better at night.

Azure Automation Solutions

  • Need to automate? you should!
  • We can help you use the power of the cloud to Automate anything.
  • Whether it be an on-prem solution or already in the cloud, we can automate it for you.
  • From simple scripts to advanced deployment & monitoring solutions, we’re here to help.

Cloud App Deployment

  • From simple deployments, to CI/CD to custom automated deployments, we’ve got you covered.
  • We will help you define, design, and deploy your deployment plan so you don’t have to.

Azure AI & Cognitive Services

  • Want to take advantage of advanced AI using Azure cognitive services.
  • Our team is ready to help you, from image recognition to advanced translating capabilities. We will have you up and running in no time.

Azure DevOps

  • Looking to manage your code in the cloud? Azure Devops is the perfect place to host your code (GIT).
  • We’ll help you track changes, assign tasks, deploy a CI/CD pipeline and anything else that you require so your developers can start coding in the cloud.

NOC Service

  • Our inhouse 24x7 manned NOC will provide you full monitoring for your environment.
  • Our team will monitor your application for you, if something goes wrong they will react based on a pre-defined playbook to bring your app back up and keep you running. So you can sleep at night while they work for you.

SAP on Azure

  • As part of ONE group we offer SAP on Azure deployment and Migration.
  • ONE has the largest SAP Basis team in the region. With their SAP skills and our Cloud skills you’re in the best hands to get the job done.

Azure VMware Solution

  • Highly invested in VMware and not ready to make the change?
  • We’ve got you covered, by using Azure VMware solution you can keep using your familiar VMware ESXi environment, including hybrid Cloud to On-Prem solutions. All while taking advantage of cloud scale capabilities and advanced cloud services.


Insperational Journeys

Local Government Economic Services (Mashcal)

“We saw an opportunity in the process we went through with UBTECH: to take the organization’s computing and information security services 10 years further. It was a giant leap forward for us. We are at the forefront of technology in the worlds of cloud and security because of Microsoft’s information protection solutions and the response to good and continuous communications within the organization.”


“It was the close technical support the organization provided along the way that promoted the implementation in the organization, reducing fears of changes and helping to demonstrate the potential of new technology and tools, including demonstrating how they could be used in different departments. With the professional and friendly training provided, the employees were more confident to use the new tools and derive more value from them quickly and with less fear of change.”


“We selected UBTECH to provide our customers with the highest levels of security and technology in the world, as well as manage all the technological services that Cal receives from Microsoft, including managing the work in Azure in all its aspects, security infrastructure, and more. UBTECH continues to contribute greatly to the technological innovation we lead at Cal, and to our vision for digital leadership and innovation.”


“Since we started working with UBTECH for Microsoft’s needs at Afimilk, we have gained a professional partner who is committed to our success and helps us in many & variance challenges, such as Microsoft-based systems, information & data security, cost reduction (eg in Azure, storage, licensing and more), addressing changing needs of processes and technologies, implementation of effective tools and automation, and in particular – a professional and reliable response.”

Maman Cargo

“The Cyber Security Assessment was carried out professionally and efficiently and helped us to comprehensively identify security gaps in organizational infrastructure, also provided a series of insights and recommendations for improving our security mechanisms.”


Cloud Services Team


Gil Gross

Cloud CTO


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