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Hiring and placement services in the fields of computer science, information security, cloud experts, and IT experts for companies and organizations that are tailored to clients’ needs.

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Service Envelope:

As part of our range of services, we also offer hiring and placement services which allow you to pick your IT talent and benefit from the professional contribution and personal acquaintance of UBTECH’s consultants during the hiring process. The contribution of the team of consultants to the hiring stages is critically important, given that they are familiar with the needs and requirements of the opening, thereby facilitating a more focused hiring process and assisting the candidate through the initial onboarding stages.

Flexible Employment Options:

Employment options offered by our hiring and placement department are flexible; they are tailored to organizations of all sizes and areas of operation, for part-time positions, projects, or full-time hires, and even for onboarding them as employees of the organization.

Support and Implementation

UBTECH has a rich track record in hiring candidates for Israel’s largest organizations. We support our clients throughout the entire process, from formulating a hiring brief to finding the most suitable candidate and their integration into the organization.

Our clients include: Strauss, El Al, Adama, Sonol, BDI, Paz, and others.
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