UBTECH for Startups

UBTECH has a designated team that supports start-ups from planning, foundation and preparation to production, with a host of comprehensive plans tailored for every stage and every need.

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Technologies & AI

Our UBTECH for Startups team assists start-ups in adopting a host of technological capabilities that can enhance, shape, and empower the product, including support and assistance in implementing Open AI technology.

Events and Training

Our team of experts holds a range of events and private training sessions in collaboration with Microsoft Reactor, serving as a platform for entrepreneurs and developers to build a strategic plan for their business.

Professional Support

UBTECH is a Microsoft Senior Partner and is certified as a Microsoft Solutions Partner with a track record of more than 15 years in implementing technologies and in collaborating with large Israeli clients. This is a significant advantage as we offer high-quality, professional support to our clients across a range of processes, relevant introductions of start-ups to clients, as well as assisting with placing their product on Microsoft’s Marketplace.

Our clients include: 10Bis, Intezer, Car2Go, Revelator, and more.
For more information, please contact: Ubtechforstartups@u-btech.com

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