Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace

Advanced Microsoft 365-based solutions to improve and streamline organizational productivity.
These include: managing mobile and desktop end-user devices which allow for a productive work environment from anywhere while keeping organizational information secure; Microsoft Teams for uniform collaboration within the organization, using Generative-AI capabilities; Online SharePoint-based document and knowledge management solutions; developing automated applications and processes using PowerApps – Low Code and Power Automation to enhance organizational efficiency; Microsoft 365 Copilot; and more.

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 Managing Mobile and Desktop End-user Devices

Uniform management of different operating systems allows users to stay productive from anywhere, while keeping organizational information secure. By implementing Microsoft Endpoint Manager, information within the company is managed and secured in the most effective manner using built-in security.

Developing SharePoint Online-based Organizational Portals

Setting up organizational portals and knowledge management systems has now become the mainstay of many organizations’ operations.
Our team of experts characterizes a solution based on business needs, formulates a work plan, and implement the solution in the client’s environment. In addition, we offer design services for the organizational portal by a skillful studio based on our familiarity with the product’s limitations.
In addition, there is an option to develop third-party components for specific functions that are unavailable out-of-the-box using SharePoint Framework.

Microsoft Copilot

A revolutionary service by Microsoft, offering real-time, intelligent assistance to employees to enhance their skills, creativity, and productivity using Generative AI. UBTECH is the only partner in Israel to have obtained pre-launch Copilot licensing with support, implementation, and training services already in place.

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Migration to Microsoft 365

UBTECH specializes in carrying out a host of migrations to the Microsoft 365 environment, from cloud to cloud, and from local environment to the cloud.
Migration is carried out by a team of experts with vast experience in conducting complex migration processes in a range of environments, coming up with creative solutions to preserve the structure of information and the permissions array.
Tailoring migration processes to the client’s needs, hardening access to information and implementing mechanisms to monitor, control, and protect information.

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Developing Low Code-Based Applications and Business Processes

The team of UBTECH experts has been specifically trained to build applications and business processes using Microsoft’s Low Code tools such as PowerApps and Power Automate. Using this type of development can reduce the cost of developing the product considerably and reduce development time dramatically.

Implementing Microsoft Teams

The Teams platform lets us manage our business in one place. Video and audio calls, chats, shared files, tasks, and more. In addition, all organizational information can be compiled in one place, maintaining order with the team. This allows for an innovative, interactive work culture where all the information is in one place and can be accessed from anywhere, any time.

Microsoft 365 Productivity Apps

The Microsoft 365 suite contains applications to enhance organizational efficiency, including:
OneDrive For Business, Loop, Forms, Booking, Viva Suite, Planner and others. The UBTECH team of experts can assist in matching the applications included in the suite to the organization’s specific needs.

Digital Transformation

Digital and technological implementation of Microsoft Office 365 to enhance productivity and organizational efficiency. This is done by using apps such as Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps, Copilot, Viva and others. Implementation processes consulting, training for effective use of tools through designated workshops, and developing intra-organizational technological accessories.

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