Microsoft Copilot

A revolutionary service by Microsoft, offering real-time, intelligent assistance to employees to enhance their skills, creativity, and productivity using Generative AI. UBTech is the only partner in Israel to have obtained pre-launch Copilot licensing with support, implementation, and training services already in place.

What is Copilot?
Microsoft 365 Copilot is a new product powered by Generative AI that uses Large Language Models (LLM) and integrates user data with Microsoft Graph, as well as with Microsoft 365 apps and services.
It works alongside popular Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and others. Microsoft 365 Copilot provides real-time intelligent assistance and allows users to enhance their creativity and skills. It will help users with repetitive, everyday tasks such as writing documents, summarizing emails and preparing presentations.
Microsoft 365 Copilot is based on the best AI technology using the GPT-4 language model, the same technology available on Bing Chat.

All Services

Copilot can summarize documents, rewrite paragraphs succinctly, create an introduction and a table of contents, suggest synonyms, add references, translate and create conclusions, and more – all in a few seconds.


Copilot can create a new presentation on any chosen topic, add slides and comments, produce diagrams and maps, add photos and logos, and more – all in a few seconds.


Copilot can extract data from files, create tables and charts, remove duplicates, run formulas, and calculate sums – all in a few seconds.


Copilot can summarize conversations and decisions made in meetings, create surveys, and search message searches for a specific person in a particular team – all in a few seconds.


Copilot can summarize email threads, translate and formulate emails based on selected criteria, find all emails related to a given topic – all in a few seconds.

Chat 365

Is part of the Copilot 365 solution. It provides natural language support and responds to questions and requests from users using AI technologies.
M365 Chat lets users perform searches, get support for everyday tasks, and create new content automatically.

UBTECH is a Microsoft Senior Partner selected as the only Israeli partner in Israel with a pre-launch Copilot license as part of a unique Copilot program at Microsoft. In this program, we work with product teams and have an information, support, and implementation framework already in place. We have over 15 years’ experience implementing advanced Microsoft technologies, supporting hundreds of clients – including some of the largest in the business sector.

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Microsoft 365 Copilot is based on the best AI technology using the GPT-4 language model, the same technology available on Bing Chat.

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