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A Senior Microsoft Partner, UBTECH is empowered to provide all types of licenses to clients (LSP).
As part of our certification and partnership with Microsoft we provide the following licensing services: licensing consulting and streamlining, Microsoft licensing optimization and solutions, Asset Management Consulting, and selling EA, MPSA, and CSP licenses. The two main channels for acquiring licenses are: an EA agreement (Enterprise Agreement), and a CSP (Cloud Service Provider) agreement.

All Services
EA Agreement:

The EA contract is a three-year contract designed for larger with over 500 workstations/users.
The agreement is based on platform product which the client purchases for all users, with additional Microsoft products and services as add-ons, such as server licensing, development tools, Premier support agreement, and more.
At the end of each year, a True Up reporting process indicates quantities added during the year.
As part of the agreement, a comprehensive licensing optimization process takes place, as well as sessions and workshops to familiarize users with the services and products included in the agreement.
The EA contract may be supplemented with a broad support agreement that includes a technological envelope and 24/7 support.

CSP Agreement:

This agreement allows clients to purchase: licensing and support for Azure and Office 365 products with a monthly or annual subscription, OnPrem product licensing with a one-year, three-year, or one-off subscription.
Purchasing Office 365 and Azure products under the CSP model includes technical support and a technological envelope consisting of workshops, training by consultants, and more.

Consulting Services:

In order to tailor the best solution for you, UBTECH offers consulting and optimization services for Microsoft licensing.

These services include:

Internal licensing survey – presenting a snapshot of the existing licensing situation within the organization, gaps, and guidelines going forward. The survey can also include comprehensive licensing scans using designated tools.
Optimization – based on the survey, we will offer guidance on the different possibilities, maximizing existing licensing and mitigating gaps, if any are found.

365 Persona Profiling Survey – based on the ever-changing 365 programs, we will be able to tailor the most appropriate 365 licensing to your needs.

Support through the True Up process – assistance in True Up reporting under EA agreements.

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