Cyber Security

We offer innovative security services, both locally and on the Cloud. These include: formulating an information protection and data loss prevention strategy, risk assessment and management under complex cyber attacks, training on and implementing advanced security systems, cloud security consulting, identity hacking and access management, managing end-user devices using innovative platforms, and more.

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Risk Survey and Management

Inappropriate configuration may lead to cyber attacks and large-scale threats. Through the review process we analyze the current situation and formulate an extensive plan, including the use of innovative technologies, to protect the Cloud environment and the local environment.

Preparing for a Cyber Attack

Conducting unique sessions, integrating advanced technology which simulates real-time cyber attacks against the organization. These sessions improve overall preparedness to an attack and equips participants with offensive thinking, offer an opportunity to experience a host of possible attacks, all while using defensive systems that are critical during an attack.

Identities and Access Management

Implementing and enhancing existing configuration, focusing on user identities, preventing account hacking, and providing a secure solution to manage access to organizational permissions and passwords.

Information Security

Formulating and enhancing an advanced security strategy to protect organizational information and implementing a mechanism to prevent loss of data and enhance existing solutions.

Support, Consulting, and Training

Formulating a methodology and providing a complete envelope of support, consulting, and services such as: implementation of new Microsoft solutions, training workshops, unique sessions in Israel with the team of consultants, individual sessions simulating attacks, preparing the organization for malicious scenarios, and more.

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Microsoft Copilot for Security – April 1 !

On 13.3, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Copilot for Security will be generally available worldwide on April 1! The industry’s first generative AI solution will help security and IT professionals catch what others miss, move faster, and strengthen team expertise. Copilot for Security is informed by large-scale data and threat intelligence, including more than 78 trillion […] Read More


The new Azure security Asset inventory allows you to view all resources being monitored within security center. So now rather than just seeing alerts and to which resource the alert is associated you can see all asset being monitored and alerts associated with the asset. As you can see in the screenshot, you can also […] Read More


For those of you not familiar with it, Azure App Service in a managed PaaS service for running your apps, be they .net, php, python, Java etc, without the need for managing VM’s, load balancers, OS, etc. The service is extremely popular and allows to run your apps on both Linux or Windows, but again […] Read More


So we’ve all been there, we’ve setup a new Azure environment based on Windows Server and started configuring everything: Backup, Monitor, Log Analytics, Security Center, Updates… Now to be honest configuring each of these services separately is a bit of a pain and also requires onboarding of each VM to each service. Just to make […] Read More


Up until now if you wanted to keep your VM’s up to date (or in other words – PATCHED) you had the option of using Azure Update Manager. Now while this is a great solution and still probably the preferred solution for mission critical workloads, it does require a fair level of configuration and management. So […] Read More


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Azure originally had two managed database options: Then a few years ago Microsoft did the deed and started adding Opensource DB’s as fully managed PaaS offerings. This initially included MYSQL and PostgreSQL and later they added both MariaDB and Apache Cassandra. Now after a year in preview Azure […] Read More